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The Premier League Players' Kit Scheme provides grants for a free Nike team strip and equipment. Applications are welcome from any English and Welsh club, school or organisation. Please note that there are a limited number of team strips available; therefore this is a competitive application process. Team strips will only be awarded to those who not only fulfil all of the criteria, but are deemed most in need of assistance, so please make sure that your supporting statement within the application form reflects this.

To be eligible for funding, groups:
• Must be within the qualifying age group: Under 7s – Under 16s
• Must include a scanned copy of their Safeguarding Children policy and appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
• Must be affiliated to an English or Welsh league and provide the current affiliation number. (If unknown this number can be provided by the relevant County FA or English Schools FA)
• Must not have received a Premier League Players' Kit Scheme Kit in a previous window.

Please note that:
• Clubs, Schools and Organisations can only receive one set of kit and equipment.
• Any Club, School and Organisation submitting multiple applications will be automatically disqualified.

This window of applications for the Premier League Players' Kit Scheme closes at 5pm on Friday 4th January 2013.

Please note a reduced kit pack will be provided for U7 - U10 age group, who in line with the FA guidelines should be playing the small-sided games. The kit provided will be as follows:

15 Outfield Shirts
1 GK Shirt
16 Shorts
16 Socks
1 Match Ball
1 Team Bag
1 Set of Bibs (10)
1 Set of Cones (50)
Premier League Players' Kit Scheme and Premier League/PFA branding on all tops.

11 Outfield Tops
1 GK Top
12 Shorts
12 Socks
1 Match Ball
1 Team Bag
1 Set of Bibs (10)
1 Set of Cones (50)
Premier League Players' Kit Scheme and Premier League/PFA branding on all tops.

Click here to apply

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